What kind of Coral Calcium do I have? 1800 mg PURE Coral Calcium with 72 natural trace minerals and elements. Along with Vitamin D and Magnesium. 90 Capsules per bottle.

Coral Calcium Premium Blend Robert Barefoot recommends “Bio- Available Calcium” with Vitamin D, Magnesium and 72 other trace Minerals. Coral Calcium Premium Blend contains every mineral, in similar proportion as found in the human body. This is vitally important because some trace minerals are entirely missing from our food and nutritional supplements… yet these minerals occur in our bodies for a reason. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and every mineral has a crucial role to play in human anatomy. Coral Complex includes a blend of minerals, vitamin D (which must be present for absorption to occur), hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) for enhanced assimilation and malic acid (from apples) to prevent calcium from clumping, which can cause gas and constipation.

90 Capsules per Bottle, Serving Size: 2 Capsules Calcium is the single most abundant mineral in our bodies. Not only does it comprise over 99% of our bones and teeth, but it is also plays an essential role in the tissues where it is needed for heart function, cell metabolism, muscle contractions, nerve impulse transmission, hormone and enzyme activity, and for normal blood clotting. In short, calcium is essential for life.

Unfortunately, most calcium supplements are poorly absorbed by the body even when accompanied by vitamin D. For example, of every 1000 mg of calcium phosphate that you consume, only 39% is actually absorbed. For calcium citrate, it is only 50%, and for calcium lactate, only 33% is absorbable by the body. Coral calcium is dramatically different. It is 100% absorbable by the body. In addition, coral calcium also contains over 70 other trace minerals. This combination has been shown to positively raise the alkaline levels of the blood, reducing Health Concerns related to hyper acidity. Calcium deficiency plays a significant role in over 200 degenerating diseases such as cancer, diabetes kidney and gallstones, arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Coral calcium is also being used in hospitals in the US for spinal and bone infusions, to speed healing.

An All-natural product that contains every mineral, especially calcium, in similar proportion to that which is found in the human body. This is vitally important because trace minerals are entirely missing from our diet. This Marine Grade Coral Calcium is mined by an underwater vacuuming operation that collects the fresh droppings from the marine coral. It does NOT harm the living coral reef but cleans the reef and the immediate area which in turn enables the coral to thrive. This operation is closely monitored by the Japanese Government to insure that the living coral reefs are not harmed in any way. Damaging the coral reef in any way leads to criminal prosecution. Ingredients and WhyCoral Calcium Premium Blend was the first (1999) powdered coral capsule product in the USA. The formula has become the most popular and successful coral capsule formula in the USA. There are no plans to modify this formula because it works so well. All of the ingredients have been proven by years in the marketplace, to be the perfect synergistic combination.

Coral Calcium Premium Blend consists of the following ingredients:

Coral powder: 600mg per capsule delivers 225mg of calcium and 73 trace minerals. Coral is an excellent calcium supplement because it is readily absorbable and has never been known to cause constipation as is common with other calcium supplements. However, the presence of the trace minerals (every mineral needed by the human body) is perhaps more important than the calcium.

Calcium Citrate: 5mg of calcium from citrate per capsule. Originally formulated for the synergistic enhancement between the calciums.

Vitamin D: 400IU Vitamin D3 as cholecalceriferol is in each capsule. This Vitamin D3 is derived from a natural source (lanolin from sheep hair). Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is necessary to charge the Vitamin D receptors of the small intestine that are instrumental in the uptake of calcium. Most naturopathic doctors believe that 1000 – 1500 IU of Vitamin D is necessary to fully charge the Vitamin D receptors. Many people are Vitamin D deficient because they get very little sunshine without sun block or hats. Typically, about one hour of unprotected morning sun will allow the body to produce 10,000 IU of Vitamin D.

Vitamin C: 5mg of Vitamin C is in each capsule. This small amount of Vitamin C was added for the synergistic effect on the formula.

Magnesium: 50mg of magnesium as citrate and oxide has been added. The main reason for this is the general impression that high ratio of magnesium is needed with calcium. It is true that calcium needs magnesium to be present for a natural balance to exist. The relationships of minerals are intricate and complex. Calcium and magnesium have an antagonistic relationship, meaning calcium and magnesium block each other. Magnesium is naturally present in coral (at a 40:1 ratio) in a similar ratio as found in the human body.

Malic Acid: is derived from apple juice and is known to prevent the clumping of calcium. Although the calcium found in coral has never been known to clump, the malic acid is added for this reason.

Betaine HCL: is a substance that stimulates the production of stomach acid. The small amount of betaine HCL in each capsule was intended to trigger the production of stomach acid for enhanced digestion of the coral minerals.

(It is true that recent research has proven the cardio-vascular benefits of increased magnesium consumption. In view of the fact that calcium and magnesium are natural blockers of each other, large doses of these two minerals should be taken at different times of the day.)

DosageNaturopathic doctors usually recommend 3 capsules per day as a maintenance supply for a healthy adult. To reverse a specific condition (i.e. raising pH or building bone density), a N.D often recommends a double dose. To address a chronic condition, a N.D. often recommends a triple dose. No known toxicity level exists. We know of numerous people that have been taking 16 to 24 grams of coral per day for several years and they have only positive reports. It is usually best to take the coral directly before bed, because coral does promote a restful nights sleep.

Bottle Sizes Coral Calcium Premium Blend is available as 90 or 60 capsules per bottle ($28.95 retail to $34.99). Your special discount is only $15.00 per bottle of 90. Free Shipping! THERE IS HOPE ! Scientists have found that over 200 degenerative diseases are linked to Calcium deficiency – including Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, High Cholesterol, Muscle Cramps, Kidney Stones, Alzheimer’s , Gout, Indigestion, Eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Hiatal Hernia, Hypertension and many many more. Acidosis (overly acidic body – low pH) is the primary indicator of Calcium Deficiency Disease. Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy people are Alkaline (high pH) whereas the body fluids of sick people are acidic (low pH).

Calcium Helps Make The Body Alkaline Dr. Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize twice said ” Every disease is directly linked to a mineral deficiency “. Two thirds of our daily intake must be minerals. Every mineral has a critical use in the body. By the time your 35, you have more Calcium going out of the body than going in to the body. By 60, almost 98% of us are Calcium deficient. Calcium supplements like antacids, calcium citrate and milk only have a 2% to 17% absorbtion rate and may take up to 20 hours to be absorbed. BAREFOOT CORAL CALCIUM (Clinical Grade) with Magnesium and 70+ Trace Minerals is 100% absorbed within as little as 20 minutes. Why is calcium so important and why is it called The King of the Bio-elements? Well, it’s the most predominant mineral in your body by far, more than twice as much as the next mineral, and therefore, biologically it literally has hundreds and hundreds of functions. We can’t live without it. As we get on in life, we stop consuming calcium products, and by the age of 35, you’ll find that we have more calcium going out than going in, and we’re in trouble because all these calcium biological functions can’t work properly. However, the body has a defense mechanism. We store calcium, and the first storage is the bones. So if you don’t have enough calcium, you go to the bones and get it, go to the cells and get it, and the result of depleting the calcium storage is disease. There are over 200 degenerative diseases caused by calcium deficiency. That includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, you name it, and it’s rather interesting that the April, 1996 issue of Reader’s Digest, “Calcium: The Magic Mineral” article even went so far as to tell people that had kidney stones, which have calcium, and gallstones, which have calcium, that the correct procedure is to consume MORE calcium, because they’re caused by calcium deficiency. This is diametrically opposed to medical advice today.

Questions If I don’t have enough calcium, how do I replenish it? You deplete calcium. When calcium goes out, calcium has to come in. The bottom line is, is that you need an external source. Of course, there’s lots of places to get it. You can drink a gallon to two gallons of milk a day, but of course most people, as you grow older, won’t do that. Or, you have another choice. You can have 23 pounds of spinach along with 17 pounds of broccoli. That’ll do it every day. Of course, people won’t do that. You can’t really get what you want just simply by eating. But you know, those cultures that actually get huge amounts, they get it externally, usually from their water as their food source where there’s huge amounts of calcium in the system. We don’t have that. Well, supplements do work. They are so effective that a study done by the University of San Diego medical faculty just released last year a 25-year study on 19,000 men and women, and they discovered that those who had vitamin and mineral supplements cut the death rate in half simply by taking supplements. So you can take calcium as a supplement. You go to the store and you can buy calcium tablets, calcium this and calcium that. Boy, calcium’s the hottest thing on television. Everybody’s putting calcium in their product. But there’s a problem. And that is, we’re not all the same. As we grow older, we become biologically deficient in certain things. For example, the average man or woman at 60 years old has one-fifth the hydrochloric acid in their stomach than they did when they were 20. What this means, when you put the supplements in your stomach, they have to be digested and ionized with this acid. Quite often, they don’t have enough acid to do the job and/or if they use the acid for this, they don’t have enough acid left for digestive purposes of nutrients. So, there are alternatives. You want pre-ionized. Of course, the best form of pre-ionized calcium in the world is a substance called Coral Calcium.

With the proper calcium and Vitamin D, the other vitamins and minerals work better and absorbed better into the body. Is that correct? Absolutely. See, one of calcium’s crucial functions is it actually has the capability of latching onto seven nutrients and one water. It does this outside the cell. So it other grabs those vitamins and nutrients and it pulls them into the nutrient channel into the cell where the cell can consume them. And then the calcium exits through a little tiny calcium channel and does it again, and does it again. In other words, it collects nutrients to pull into the cell. No calcium, no nutrients. So you see how they’re all interlinked, they all work together. If I have a muscle cramp, it’s probably from lack of calcium? Sure. And within a couple of days the cramp disappears as long as you’re taking calcium properly. That happens to so many people. When they’ve had aches and pains for years, two days later there’s nothing. They say, “It’s a miracle!” Well, there are no miracles here. This is just the way Mother Nature was supposed to work. Mother Nature assumed you would be consuming the nutrients you needed, especially calcium.

Can we turn the depletion of calcium around? Absolutely. All these diseases were caused by acidosis. Acidification of the body. The bottom line is, the cause of acidosis and the reason for acidosis is lack of minerals, especially calcium. When you start taking the calcium, your body does alkalize, drives out the acid. You also grow younger. You look younger, you feel younger when you fill up with oxygen.

litmus test paper

how can i test my ph?

What will your health be like 6 months from now? Using the Litmus test is the secret to getting well and staying well. Using pH paper, also known as litmus paper will greatly assist you to become healthy. By using this you can measure whether your system is in an acid or alkaline state. Why You Need To Start Soon 38% of Americans will get Cancer. This is one in three. At the turn of the last century it was 3%! By the end of this century it is expected to be extremely high. Some say 100%! Diabetes has risen 400% in the last 20 years. Alzeimers now hits 50% of people over the age of 70. And it is hitting people in their 50’s and 60’s. Think of the illnesses and diseases you or your loved ones have. Think of the ones that seem to “run in the family”. Would you like to know the secret to getting your body to turn around to a healthy state? Acid Or Alkaline – Which is Healthy? Acidity and alkalinity in the body are measured by the pH (potential of hydrogen) scale. Water has a pH of 7.0 and is considered neither acid or alkaline but neutral. An acid body is unhealthy. While each organ has its own pH balance, it is generally agreed that a healthy persons saliva will register between 7.0 and 7.5 If your pH is 7.5, your body fluids are in a healthy range, meaning that you are not mineral deficient. If your pH is between 6. and 6.5, you are becoming acidic and therefore developing one or more of 150 degenerative diseases. These will take time to develop, but you may have been diagnosed with one at this time, because of your ongoing acidity. If your pH is below 6.0, then you are highly acidic. You will have become very mineral deficient and have definitely developed illnesses and disease at this point.

Your Food Choices Help with pH balance The foods that you eat form an acid or alkaline ash. Note the List on the left side bar. So if you eat a lot of acidic foods, your saliva ph test reading is going to be acidic. You want to emphasize more alkaline forming foods in your diet. A good ratio would be 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods. Address Your Stress As well, stress makes your body more acidic. So you will want to deal with the stresses in your life. Many of the things that “push your buttons” are long standing feelings, attitudes, beliefs and paradoxical thoughts. You can change your belief system and change your health. Saliva pH Test – How to use the Litmus paper Swallow the saliva in your mouth and then suck new saliva from below your tongue. Swallow that. Then suck up new saliva and wet a one inch or so strip of the pH paper with your saliva. Read the color of the paper right away. The paper will turn a particular color, indicating an acid or alkaline state. Acidic will be in the yellow to light green range. Alkaline will be in the dark green to deep blue range. Test Daily I suggest that you test your saliva first thing in the morning, before ingesting anything. Then you can adjust what you are eating for the day to help you become more alkaline. Some foods are acid forming and you would want to avoid those and focus on the alkaline forming foods. If you test during the day, it is best that you have not eaten in the last two hours, in order for food not to interfere with your reading. This is an easy test you can do on your family each day to bring your system to good health and keep it healthy. It will save you much money in doctor bills and vitamins that you would take because you have become ill.

Use a chart that measures in increments 5.5, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 etc. up to 8.0